Tefal Low Fat Air Fryer Actifry 1 kilogram YTRE987960 Black

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  • ActiFry, the comfortable and low-fat way of frying, frying and cooking: for fried foods without swimming in an oil bath! Also for cooking and frying without stirring, without burning!Hot air circulation: Gentle cooking of the food to be fried at approx.
  • 150 ° C with automatic temperature control.
  • The fast hot air circulation allows frying and frying without drying outRotating mixing arm: Automatic stirring and circulation without burning, even distribution of the little oil - Safe operation and comfortable cleaning, frying without hot oil bathAuto stop when opening the lid - transparent glass lid to observe the frying process (no fogging) - no splashes of grease or sauce during cookingEasy cleaning: no oil management, all components (except base) removable and dishwasher safe - Printed cooking time table and 5 recipe ideas - Cooking container with scratch-resistant non-stick coatingOnly natural materials: Silicon-based ceramics (RESISTANT S technology), Heat-insulated housing - Capacity: 1 kg, for up to 4 people - Including dosing spoon for oil - Removable timer.
  • Versatile cooking options: frying and frying (optional) with or without oil) of, for example, fresh and frozen French fries, seafood (shrimp and shrimps), poultry (chicken strips, nuggets, and wings), cutlets (breadcrumbs or uncooked).
  • When liquid is added, cooking meat and vegetable pans such as Chili Con Carne, stews, fruit desserts and more.
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