3001ATM money safe Mini Electronic atm bank machine toy


This Stylish ATM Machine can read coins 1c,2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, 1 Euro, and 2 Euro while depositing. This Funky ATM works like a real ATM machine where bills also can be inserted and make a note of how much bills have been deposited. Perfect Item to gift anyone this Christmas or any special occasions, can be used Multipurpose machine, works for depositing and saving money and has a built in time, alarm, calculator and date also can be checked. Automatically reads coins while depositing, can also insert bills and type how much bills was deposited just like a regular ATM machine.

Make your kids smart by running the brain training program inside the machine which helps setting the savings target and progress of savings can be traced. This Good looking ATM Cash point Machine has its own ATM card and personal PIN number, has also got a PIN number changing feature. Works like electronic piggy bank only more sophisticated where you can set your own daily allowances of money withdrawal by improving the savings target.

Withdraw or Deposit your cash by inserting the ATM card like real ATM machines and check your balance as machine itself automatically updates the balance. This is a smart machine and wouldn't let you draw extra money as targets of savings are set thereby showing error. Cash can be collected down the base of machine which also can be used as safe for jewellery or other valuables.

Excellent Item for you to use it as PIGGY BANK having extraordinary features like Electronic teller machine which allow you to withdraw, deposit and track progress with real coins and currency and clock with alarm to wake you up anytime you want.


1.Accept notes and coins, coin automated distinguishing, automated calculating balance set up savings.

2.Easy to use saving account program that enables you to: *Set a saving target. *Monitor your saving target. *Determine how much money you still need. *See how many days it will take to reach your saving target.

3. Set up your own pin number with withdrawal card, default password to access contents is 0000. Password secure and can be changed as desired.

4. Eight Digital Calculator.5. Digital LCD Time/Date Display, time format in 12/24.6. Sound & Alarm.7.

Require 3 x AA batteries(not included).

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3001ATM money safe Mini Electronic atm bank machine toy

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