Dia Beta Plus

The Ayuredic formula Dia Beta Plus is a 100% pure product taken from the best quality Herbs used very commonly in the ayuredic preparations. Dia Beta Plus is a combination of many Herbs that are individually good for diabetes. The Herbs product formed from the extracts of these herbs is Called Dia Beta Plus. The Dia Beta Plus is a completely natural product.


The Herbs used in Dia Beta Plus Gurmaar, Karela, Saptrangi and Vizaysaar. These Herbs when used in a combination would aid in diabetes.


  • Dia Beta Plus is formed using a combination of various anti-diabetic herbs that individual work well for diabetes.
  • Their combination works excellently well for diabetes.
  • Dia Beta Plus naturally controls the blood sugar level.
  • Dia Beta Plus is very effective against diabetic neuropathy.
  • Help rejuvenate the overall health.


                        ½ Tea spoon twice daily,  ½ hour before meal with water.

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Dia Beta Plus

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