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Kishori Shahne

If somebody asks me about FAIRR PRO results, I tell them to look at my skin. If I can achieve such amazing change in my skin color and quality, why can’t others?

Gurdeep Punj

I didn’t always have such lovely skin, but once I started using FAIRR PRO, I’ve seen myself transforming week after week of use. You too can feel it, just try FAIRR PRO once!

Aman Verma

"I really am not sure if others put as much efforts as I do towards skin care, but once I came to know about FAIRR PRO, it all became so easy and convenient. Today I can say with full confidence that the results I get from FAIRR PRO are not possible from any other product or treatment."

Rajesh Kumar

Fairer skin tone is not the only thing you need, you need glowing, healthy and totally clean skin to make a lasting impression, and that is possible only with FAIRR PRO.

FAIRR PRO Fairness Treatment is the only proven treatment available in Pakistan which is equally recognized and endorsed by both beauticians and celebrities. For the first time a treatment, which is scientifically designed to enhance overall skin appearance with special attention to both fairness and skin health, and is easy to apply at the comfort of your home, is now available for everyone.

FAIRR PRO Fairness Treatment comes with four different applications, FAIRR PRO Fairness Cream, FAIRR PRO Fairness Body Pack, FAIRR PRO Moisturising Cream with SPF 40, and FAIRR PRO Night Gel. This revolutionary Treatment is a result of thorough research on Skin Science and is dermatologically tested with lab certification for its standard. All these products work in tandem to address all reasons responsible for skin darkening and signs of aging.


Human Skin color can be attributed to various factors and is primarily governed by melanin, which is a natural pigment present in the uppermost layer of skin; higher the melanin, darker the skin tone. However, there are three major reasons for different levels of melanin and further variation of skin color even with lesser amounts of melanin present in an individual.

  • Genetic.
  • Exposure to Sun and Weather.
  • Lifestyle.

Genetic reasons are what give Europeans a whiter skin tone and Africans a darker tone, such reasons are hard to alter and should not be altered as melanin blocks the harmful UV radiations from sun, which are responsible for many skin complications.

The other two reasons, exposure to sun/weather and lifestyle issues are the ones which can be targeted by a proper treatment regimen to attain a fairer and healthier skin. Sudden exposure to extreme sun radiation without any protection gives first-degree burn and continuous exposure to sunlight stimulate the skin to produce higher levels of melanin. Dry and cold weather does the same by drying the skin to a level where nourishment decreases and finer cracks appear, giving skin a darker appearance. Lifestyle issues, like continuous traveling while catching dirt and pollution, unhealthy diet providing improper nourishment, and medical conditions such as hyperactive sweat glands, pimples and scars on skin, etc., are equally threatening to skin appearance as they all rapidly deteriorate the skin health leading to a dark, dull, unhealthy skin.

FAIRR PRO Fairness Body Pack

FAIRR PRO Fairness Body Pack is a fairness pack for skin cleansing and deep nourishment. It peels away dead skin cells along with dirt and oily secretions clotting the pores and enters deep into the skin to nourish and rejuvenate lifeless dull skin for a fairer glowing appearance. The effect is visible from the day 1.

FAIRR PRO Fairness Cream

FAIRR PRO Fairness Cream is a miraculous product with Nano LPDs and resins utilizing cutting-edge technology along with natural remedies for achieving fairer skin tone while reducing wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging. The essence of Gold and Saffron helps transforming the dark and dull skin into glowing and radiant whiter tone in a natural and healthy manner.

FAIRR PRO Fairness Night Gel

FAIRR PRO Fairness Night Gel is a scientifically formulated gel utilizing the whitening effects of Actiwhite along with nourishing and anti-aging properties of Aloe Vera to work on all skin types. The rich formula incorporates the goodness of Aloe Vera as base with addition of nourishing agents to work wonders on the skin while you are not exposed to harshness of weather or sunlight.

FAIRR PRO Moisturising Cream with SPF-40

FAIRR PRO Moisturising Cream with SPF-40 is an extremely effective skin protection barrier against both harsh weather as well as UVA and UVB sun damage. It keeps the skin shielded against environmental damage and keeps it younger, whiter, and fresh. The moisturizing elements keep your skin lively and glowing even in the most rough weather conditions.


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Fair Pro

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