E-Health Cigarette

How E-Health Cigarette works:

E-Health electronic cigarettes are nonflammable electronic atomizing devices that look like, feel like, and taste like a real cigarette and perform the same pleasure of smoking a traditional cigarette by giving nicotine in your body which smokers crave, but without the harmful effects of a traditional cigarette. They can be smoked anywhere as they do not contain tobacco and are not banned under the new smoking laws.

Cartridges contain nicotine, water, and propylene glycol, an ingredient commonly found in items such as food coloring. By fulfilling ones nicotine requirement and giving the same hit as smoking one can gradually quit smoking altogether.

Who is a suitable user?

  • Smokers who want to smoke anywhere
  • People who work in no smoking environments and are smokers.
  • Smokers who want to indulge in their habits without the harmful effects.
  • Suitable for smokers who are over 18 years of age.

Who should not use it?

  • People who do not have a habit of smoking.
  • People who are sensitive to nicotine or any other ingredient inhaled.
  • People under the age of 18
  • Pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

It does not burn, and has no danger of catching fire, and can be used in many places where smoking is forbidden, such as gas stations.

The fog produced is actually atomized soluble collagen, and it does not produce second hand smoke, which harm the environment and people around us. E-HEALTH CIGARETTE can be used in public, where smoking is banned such as market, underground, railway station, and bus stop.

Package Includes:

  • 1pc atomizing device
  • 1pc battery
  • Charger: 1pc USB, 1pc car adapter, and 1pc plug
  • Atomized cartridge: 10pcs
  • 1pc instruction manual
  • Ambient temperature: -5 to 42°C

Certificate: CE and RoHS

Warranty Time: 1 Year

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E-Health Cigarette

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