Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy cream works on the cellular level, it actually stimulates your own existing skin stem cells to grow smooth, supple, firm new skin. For your first twenty or so years, your skin works like mad stimulating fresh new cells to replace old ones. At around age 30 your skin’s stem cells begin to shut down gradually. They don’t make enough new skin cells to replace the old ones.

Three powerful ingredients, Phyko-AI-PF, Mitostime and Seractin, have recently be discovered and clinically shown to help re-activate and rejuvenate aging stem cells to help bring back the firms, smooth look of youth.


Look and feel younger

  • Awakens your stem cells in order to generate new skin cells
  • Increase production of new skin cells by up to 57% within 2 weeks

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Stem Cell Therapy

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