Weightloss Helpers

Weightloss Helpers
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AB Energizer

  Price: 5,999 Special Offer for First 200 Customers: 3,499 1 Month Money Back Made In: ..

AED 200 Ex Tax: AED 200

Ab King Pro

It is never too late to develop those super six-pack abs with the exciting new Ab King Pro, the dull..

AED 199 Ex Tax: AED 199

AB Rocket Twister

Have a great workout to tone up your abs with the As Seen on TV Ab Rocket Twister. It comes with thr..

AED 110 Ex Tax: AED 110

Ab Rocket Twister

Launch Yourself into Amazing Abs with the Ab Rocket Twister! Targets: Upper Abs, Lower Abs & ..

AED 300 Ex Tax: AED 300

Aroma Solution

Do you have a tough time resisting temptation? Do you eat and eat and feel guilty later? ..

AED 120 Ex Tax: AED 120

Fat Cutter

It’s a fact that obesity is one of the main causes behind many fatal diseases. Overweight and chubby..

AED 150 Ex Tax: AED 150

Health weight losing-weight belt

health weight losing belt integrates vibrating massage and magnetic treatment together.using powerfu..

AED 70 Ex Tax: AED 70

Heat Sauna Waist Belt Belly Fat Weight Reducing Austrilia Plug

Features: * Applied the theory of heat Sauna. * Help to lose any excess belly fat with high efficien..

AED 80 Ex Tax: AED 80

Hot Belt & Gel

Telemall Hot Belt Made by Neotex Textile skill which helps you to lose weight by increasing Body tem..

AED 150 Ex Tax: AED 150

Hot Belt Slimming Abdominal Thermal

Slimming belt Abdominal thermal Size XL color black..

AED 19 Ex Tax: AED 19

Hot Shapers

What’s Hot Shapers™  (Design to sweat more) Hot Shapers™ are fitness for everyday..

AED 199 Ex Tax: AED 199

JLousief Sauna Massage Pant

Sweat away unwanted fat, eliminate cellulite, lose weight and ease muscle pain, all while sitting in..

AED 78 Ex Tax: AED 78

Lose weight Sauna Pants

of Sauna Pants Sweat away unwanted fat, eliminate cellulite, lose weight and ease muscle pain, all w..

AED 45 Ex Tax: AED 45

Professional Push Up Pro

Pair of grip handles for toning, sculpting, shaping, and defining upper body Encourages more natural..

AED 40 Ex Tax: AED 40

Revoflex Extreme Abdominal Trainer

of Revoflex Extreme Abdominal Trainer Revoflex Xtreme Abdominal Trainer Intense, light and effortles..

AED 49 Ex Tax: AED 49