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Beauty & Hair Care
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5 Minute Mani: Healing nail & Cuticle Mask, nail Care

Each 5 Minute Mani mask is infused with a special advanced formula containing Japonica Seed Oil. Thi..

AED 30 Ex Tax: AED 30

EZ Makeup Glasses

The EZ Makeup Glasses help you achieve a flawless face every day. It features a 3X magnifying lens t..

AED 25 Ex Tax: AED 25

Facial Iconic

Power Requirement: 220v 50Hz Power Consumption: 280W Steamer Temperature: 40°C(at 20 cm from nozzle)..

AED 50 Ex Tax: AED 50

WaxVac Gentle & Effective Ear Cleaner

Say "Goodbye" to cotton swabs with WaxVac ear cleaner! WaxVac ear cleaner is the safe and effective ..

AED 20 Ex Tax: AED 20

100-piece Cake Decorating Kitk

The 100-piece Cake Decorating Kit has everything you'll ever need for cake decorating-all in one set..

AED 60 Ex Tax: AED 60

4 in1 Face Care Facial Brush Rotary Scrubber Massage Beauty Massager

Features: The Power Perfect Pore can help maintain clean, healthy, radiant looking skin without emba..

AED 20 Ex Tax: AED 20

Arielsign Laser Power Super Grow Comb

That hair you once wore so proudly... have you given up hope of ever recovering it? Don’t give up, b..

AED 999 Ex Tax: AED 999

Beautiful Star Comb Hair Straightener

Are you looking for hair straighteners online? If yes, then you have come to the right place. It is ..

AED 91 Ex Tax: AED 91

Benice Facial Spa

Product Features : Warm steam facial sauna Suitable for facial or nasal treatment Dual Facial Spa co..

AED 60 Ex Tax: AED 60

Black off Activated charcoal mask


AED 25 Ex Tax: AED 25

Bliss Spin Spa The Spinning Spa Brush

Bliss Spin Spa The Spinning Spa Brush..

AED 43 Ex Tax: AED 43

Body Infrared Massager Dolphin Shape Hand Held with 3 Interchangeable heads

There are two speed settings which can be chosen at will. Three changeable massage heads can be chos..

AED 40 Ex Tax: AED 40

Caboki Hair Fiber

Hair Fibers are the ideal solution for ladies and men suffering from thinning hair and hair loss, wh..

AED 1 Ex Tax: AED 1

CNAIER 6 in 1 Multi-function Face Massager Beauty Device

6 Types of Rotating Heads: Crude Polishing Rolling Massager Pumic Stone Make up sponge Latex Sponge ..

AED 25 Ex Tax: AED 25

Comfort Memory Foam Pillow Cream 37x50 12

Amazing silky & sensational touch. Made of visco-elastic urefoam with up to date technologies. Desig..

AED 60 Ex Tax: AED 60